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Our History


In 2003, Jim Streibich was at a crossroads.  He had a thriving business with significant potential, but limited access to growth capital.  Fortunately for him, he was able to navigate these waters, and the rest was history.  Today that company is Market Track with over 2,000 employees, 1200 major clients, and on its third private equity owner.

Upon Mr. Streibich's personal exit from Market Track, he has deployed over $10 million supporting and investing in early stage companies, focusing on attracting customers, growing revenue, and retaining customers.   

Our Investment Portfolio


Streibich Capital and Consulting has direct or indirect investments in the following companies.  Indirect investments include investments SC&C has made though trusts it manages and investment funds were it is a managerial or active participant.

  · Blue River Petcare · Carrot Sense · Eligo · Digital Golf Technologies · Docusign - Dumbstruck · Pearachute · Proxfinity · PowerPost · Quest Right At School · Routific · True Public  - Shelf Bucks · Shiftgig · SMS Assist · SpotHero · Stoner Ranch Partners · Rasmussen Colleges - Terravesco · Winestyr  

Our Investment Criteria


The principle focus of Streibich Capital and Consulting is to provide growth capital and advise on its deployment to early stage companies with a market proven and market implemented product or service.  SC&C works with companies by providing the capital to boost sales and grow revenues. 

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